Animal history report

The Animal history report shows information that has been recorded against an EID or VID for an animal.

You can:

  • select whether to see information that has been recorded on your farm only or information for the animal's entire lifespan
  • enter the EID or VID tag numbers for the animal's dam or sire
  • export the report to a PDF file.

Information in the Animal history report is shown on different screens, which you reach using the tabs on the left hand side, as follows: 

Tab Information 
General details

General information recorded against this tag, including:

- the animal's EID and VID numbers

- First weight and Last (most recent) weight

- Last weighing GR (growth rate) and Life time GR

- Purchase and Sale date

- Purchase and Sale price

- Stock class and Breed

- Location and Mob name

- Supplier

- Total costs

- Withholding meat and milk.

Weight profile

A table of all weighing events recorded against this tag.

If you have recorded two or more weights against this tag, a weight profile graph will be shown.

Cost information recorded against this tag including:

- Purchase price

- Total costs

- Sales price

- A table of all activities where costs were recorded against this tag.


All notes that were entered into events recorded against this tag.

You can also enter notes directly into this report.
Activities A table of all activities recorded against this tag.
Dam & sire See or record tag numbers for the dam and sire of this animal.

Find and export an Animal history report

To find an animal history report:
  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Animal.
  3. Find Animal history and click View.
  4. Select: To see:
    Entire lifespan
    all activities recorded in FarmIQ against the EID or VID during the animal's lifespan. 
    • If the animal came from another farm, that farm must have agreed to share the data.
    On my farm only
    activities that have been recorded against the EID or VID on your farm only.
  5. If you have a: 
    partial EID or VID number complete EID or VID number
    Select: Partial match
    Exactly match
    Then enter the... partial EID or VID number. 
    exact EID or VID number. 
    and click Find
    • A list of animals matching your search is displayed. 
      To help you find the animal you are looking for, the list shows VID, EID, Stock traits and Farm and you can sort the list by the column headings.
    • Find the animal you want from the search results and click Select.
  6. Click the tabs on the left of the report to see the information recorded against the selected tag.
To export the animal history report as a PDF file:
  1. Find the report as described above.
  2. Click Export

  • A PDF file is downloaded to your computer.

Record dam or sire EID or VID numbers

To record dam or sire EID or VID numbers:
  1. Find the report as described above.
  2. Click Dam & Sire on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click the edit pencil next to Dam EID or Sire EID.
  4. Enter the EID or VID number.
  • The EID number entered must already be registered either on your farm or on another farm in FarmIQ.
  1. Click Save.

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