Beef EQ performance report

The Beef EQ performance report shows you the carcass statistics of your cattle at the time of slaughter based on information provided by your processor.  The report presents information on your stock in relation to Beef EQ grading criteria.

The Beef EQ report summarises kill data for animals that have been killed under Beef EQ contracts.

  • You can set up the report to see the information you need:
    • Select data by date range and by carcass type or
    • Use a reporting group to view the performance of a group of animals, regrardless of when they were killed.
  • The report is interactive so you can analyse the data by clicking on different areas of the report.
  • You can print the version of the report you want.

Colour Key

For the dial, bar chart and on farm groups:

  • Green = pass
  • Red = fail

In the background of the charts:

  • Green shading = optimal range
  • Pink shading = marginal range

Reading the Beef EQ performance report

Use the...     To...  Notes 
Dial See the number and percentage of animals that have attained a pass or fail grade.  A pass means the stock has graded well and earned a premium.
Grades See the pass and fail rate for the seven Beef EQ grading criteria on the bar graph.
In all measures except pH and marbling carcasses can fail a measure and still pass overall.  But for pH and marbling carcasses must be in the Optimal or Marginal range to pass.
On farm info  Find out what came top in each of the groups down the left hand side.
Cross reference your results with the dial to analyse your best pass rates.
Show details  Grading information for each carcass.
You can export this data to Excel.

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