The Farm dashboard provides you with an easy way to:

  • see information about farm performance and notices
  • link to common FarmIQ activities, tasks and frequently used web pages
  • see weather forecasts.

Watch this video for an overview of how to view and set up your Dashboard:


Enterprise livestock

Enterprise dairy

To set the Dashboard as your home page

skip to 01:54  

For the PDF click here

To set the Dashboard as your home page

skip to 02:06 

For the PDF click here

Customise the Dashboard

The Dashboard is customisable. You can select which items to display.

It has two screens: Dashboard and Noticeboard.

On the Dashboard screen you can:

On the Noticeboard screen you can see:

  • all system notices and alerts
  • the most recent data feeds, including Kill sheet imports.

Both screens have a right hand panel where you can see:

  • the 5-day weather forecast for your farm.
  • tasks that are assigned to you. You can edit or complete these tasks from here.
  • web page  links that you can set up for web sites you visit frequently.

The following images show you how to find and customise the Dashboard.

Add or remove items on the Dashboard

To add or remove items on the dashboard:

Dairy summary

If you are using the FarmIQ Enterprise Dairy or Dairy+ pack, you can add a Dairy summary table to the dashboard. This table shows dairy data from your milk data feeds regarding milk solids, cows, somatic cell count and pasture cover. You can select which information you want to see in the table.

Information In the dairy summary table, Cows milking refers to the number of cows in Milking category herds.

To select the columns for the Dairy summary:

  1. Add the summary to the dashboard.
  2. Click settings. 

  3. By default, all options will be in the Selected column.
  • To remove an option, click it then click <.
  • To select an option, click it then click >.
  • To select all the Available information click >>
  • To empty Selected options click <<.  
  1. When you are finished, click OK


The Noticeboard screen is where all notices, expired alerts and data feed information is stored.

  • If there are any unread notices you will see an alarm on the Farm dashboard icon and on the Noticeboard tab.

  • The System displays notices and expired alerts received in the last 30 days. You can change the date range to view older notices.

To display notices and expired alerts for a different date range:

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