Updated on 10/8/2019
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Dashboard reports
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Dashboard reports

You can get a quick overview of performance on your farm by setting up Dashboard reports for:

Stock Land Dairy H&S

- BeefEQ performance

- Condition Score

- Liveweight gain

- Purchases

- Reproduction

- Sales

- Stock count

- Weight target

- Irrigation

- Pasture cover

- Pasture growth rate

- Pasture wedge

- Soil moisture %

- Weather

- Animals milking

- Dairy stock count

- Calving spread

- Dairy - feed consumed

- Dairy - feed vs milk production

- Dairy - total production

- Milk disposal

- Milk production

- Somatic cell count

- Incidents 

These are examples of Dashboard reports:

  • The dashboard reports that are available depend on your subscription level and access permissions.
  • You can have multiple versions of the same report on the Dashboard. 
    For example: Sales for the current season for sheep and for cattle or different reports for different purchasers.
  • Reports may take some time to appear on the screen, especially if they require a large amount of data analysis.

Add and change Dashboard reports

To add a dashboard report click here
To add a dashboard report:
  1. Click the “+” in the report area.

  2. Select a type of report.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Customise the title of the report and other settings to suit your requirements.
  5. Click OK.

To change the settings of a report on the Dashboard click here
To change the settings of a report on the Dashboard:
  1. Click Settings.


  1. Revise the settings as required.
  2. Click OK

To move a report on the Dashboard click here
To move a report on the Dashboard:
  1. Hover the cursor over the report's title. A four pointed arrow appears.

  2. Click, hold and drag the report to where you want it.

To delete a report from the Dashboard click here
To delete a report from the Dashboard:
  1. Click the “X” on the top right of the graph.

  2. Click Yes.

View a more detailed report from the Dashboard

Dashboard reports are summary reports. You can see the data behind the dashboard report with More details or you can view a full report with Launch report.

See more detail for a Dashboard report

To see more detail click... A screen opens where you can...  To return to the Dashboard... Note:
  • view more detail
  • change the settings of the report and see their effect
  • print the report.
scroll to the bottom of the report and click Close.

You cannot save your changes.

To change the report go to Settings or add a new Dashboard report. 

See a full report from a Dashboard report

To see a full report click... The full report opens. You can... 
To return to the Dashboard... 

edit, view and export or print the report. 
click Dashboard on the navigation bar. 
Not all Dashboard reports have a Launch report option.

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