In the Diary you can see and manage:

  • Activities such as sales, fertiliser applications, visits and health test results

    Such as recorded feacal egg count results and liver damage test results

  • Tasks including Farm plan tasks
  • Notes.

The Diary has three different views:

  • Calendar gives you a weekly, monthly or yearly calendar view of activities, notes and tasks.
    • List summarises the activities, notes and tasks on the left hand side of the screen and shows you details for the selected item on the right.
    • Tasks only shows you tasks.

    To go to the Diary: 


    Calendar and List

    On the Calendar view you can:

    • click an entry to show the details in a pop-up window
    • drag an entry to a different day.

    The List view shows a timeline of summarised entries on the left hand side. Select an entry to show its details on the right.

    Calendar and List settings

    Use settings to:

    • set your Diary landing page to be the Calendar or List view
      • For Calendar view you can select the default time period to display: WeekMonth or Year
    • set Multiday tasks to only display on the last day.

    These settings will only be applied the next time you go to the Diary screen from a different part of the System.

    • To go to a different view immediately, select the view you want as shown above.
    • To view a different time period on the calendar, adjust the date range.

    Select what you see on Calendar and List

    You can:

    Print Calendar or List

    You can print the Calendar or List as it appears on the screen.

    To print the Calendar or List:

    1. Select what you want to see as described above.
    2. Click Print.


    The Tasks screen only shows tasks so it is a good place to plan, record and allocate work on the farm. You can also easily see tasks by task category, staff member or Farm plan.

    See Tasks in the Diary and Find Tasks for more information.

    Print Tasks

    You can print Tasks as they appear on the screen.

    To print Tasks:

    1. Select what you want to see as described in Find Tasks.
    2. Click Print

    Diary filters

    Using the Diary filters is one way to show only the entries or tasks you are interested in.

    For more information about:

    Find out more