Farm map

The Farm map is an important element of your FarmIQ system.

Use the map to easily show where tasks need to be done, highlight hazards on the farm, move stock, record land and animal activities and much more.

Watch this video for an overview of how to set up your farm map:

Download the PDF here

Move, zoom and rotate the map

Move around the farm map and zoom in or out using your mouse, trackpad or the controls shown below:

You can rotate the map on your computer screen and for printing. There is a North indicator and the labeling adjusts as you rotate.

To rotate the map, hold down Shift as you click and drag the map to the orientation you prefer. You can save the view so that it always displays and prints in that orientation.

To undo the rotation, click the North indicator.

See summary information about your land and stock

See summary information about your land and stock on the bottom left of the screen

Click the links below to see how you can:

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