Updated on 10/8/2019
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Find Diary entries
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Find entries on the Calendar or List

You can narrow the display in the Diary so that you see only the dates and entries you are interested in.

  • When you select a filter on the List or Calendar, it remains in place in both views until you change it, reset it or move away from the Diary. 
  • You can save filter settings on the Calendar or List views.
    • Once you have saved a filter it remains in place in both the Calendar and List views until you change, remove or reset it.
  • Activities recorded while your animals are away grazing will only be shown if they have been recorded by a FarmIQ farm.

Watch this video for an overview of how to use the filter in the Diary:

For the PDF transcript click here

On the Calendar or List views of the Diary, if you are looking for:

  • certain dates, set the date range.
  • certain types of entry, use the filter.
  • a specific entry, click Search and type a keyword. The items will be filtered to show only those that match your search.

Set the date range

To set the date range click here
To set the date range:

If you are on the…



Calendar view

week, month or year.

select the week, month or year using the arrows on the left side of the screen.  

List view

the filter.

select the Start date and End date or

click Quick date options

and select a date range.

To close the filter, click away from it.

Filter entries

You can filter on as many types of entry as you want, as well as using Advanced filters to filter for entries recorded by selected staff members.

To filter entries click here
To filter entries:     
  1. Click the filter.
  2. Select the types of entries you want to see: 

  • The System shows all entries that have been recorded in the date range and entry types selected.
  1. Refine the filter for each type of entry if necessary. 
To refine the filter:
  1. On the open filter, click the selected entry type name you want to refine.
    Here Stock is shown as an example:
  2. To close the section, click the entry type name again.
  3. Click away to close the filter.

Save the Calendar or List view filters

If you frequently use the same filter settings on the Calendar or List views of the Diary, you can save them so that the filter opens using those settings every time.

To save the filter settings on the Calendar or List views of the Diary, when you have set the filter up:

  • Click Save filter.

Remove a saved filter or reset the filter

To remove a saved filter or reset the filter:

  • Click Reset to default filter.

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