Grazing days report

The Grazing days report shows the grazing rate for paddocks or blocks, over a period of time, on the map. You can display the grazing rate by stock units/ha or by days and view it on the screen, print it or export the information to Excel or a PDF file.

  • Information will only show on this report if you record mob moves. For this report to be accurate, you must record every mob move in FarmIQ.

See or print a Grazing days report heat map

To see or print a Grazing days report heat map:

  1. On the Navigation bar, c lick Report centre.
  2. Click Land.
  3. Find the Grazing days report and click View.
  4. In the Grazing days report criteria box, select:
  • By total stock units or By days.
  • By paddocks or By blocks and select the block group.
  • the dates for the report or use Quick date select. 
  1. Click View.
  • Grazing rate information is shown on the map.
  • To see details by paddock, click the arrow in the box on the bottom left of the map.
  1. To change the report criteria, click Report criteria

  2. To print the map, click the Print button

    For more information on printing maps see Print the Farm map.

Export Grazing days information by block or paddock

To export Grazing days information by block or paddock:

  1. View the Grazing days report heat map as described above.
  2. Click Export report.

  3. Click Excel or PDF.

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