Health and safety

The FarmIQ Health and safety module makes it easy for you to create, manage and store documents and information to support your health and safety strategy. In the System you can: register and manage hazards and incidents, record team meetings and track visitors. Emergency procedures and documents are stored in the System where they are both easy to find and secure.

Watch this video for an overview of Health and safety in FarmIQ:

For the PDF transcript click here.

Use the FarmIQ Health and safety module to record:

Find Health and safety on the navigation bar: 

Hints for using the Health and safety module

Record hazards 
in your Hazards register and draw them on the Farm map.
Use the Mobile app
to record:
  • hazards as you find them
  • Incidents and safety interactions
  • visitors as they arrive and leave.
Keep a complete incident log
Keep all information about an incident or safety interaction in one place by recording Follow reports.
Maintain Staff training records and emergency responsibilities
  • the People > Staff menu  
  • Staff & responsibilities in Emergency procedures.
Maintain Contractor training and induction records
using the People  > Contractors menu.
Communicate plans and information
You can export your health and safety records and Emergency procedures to PDF files for circulation to interested parties. 
Have Emergency procedures on hand
Print the Emergency procedures and keep them in an easily accessible place in case of emergency. 

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