The FarmIQ Mobile app

Use the FarmIQ Mobile app to record events on farm directly into the FarmIQ System without needing to go back to your computer. With the mobile app you can connect, enter data, look back, look forward, be safer, plan, communicate and receive info such as pasture growth rates.

  • The Mobile app is free.
  • If mobile coverage on farm is patchy the app will store the transaction until you are back in coverage. For more information see Using the mobile app.
  • For users with access to multiple farms in FarmIQ , the mobile display includes a Switch farms facility.
  • Some FarmIQ upgrades require you to re-install the Mobile app.  If this happens, the Mobile app will alert you. You need to install the app again to continue using it.
  • Sometimes FarmIQ releases optional upgrades for the Mobile app.  When this happens, Support sends out a System notification advising of the release and enhancement details. If the enhancement affects functions that you are using, you need to install the mobile app again.

Watch this video for an overview of the FarmIQ mobile app, where to get it, what it does and how it works:

Download the PDF here

Features on the app

On the FarmIQ Mobile app you can see your farm diary, farm map and notifications, record stock and land events and upload tag files and photographs.You also have access to inventory.

The Mobile app also has features that help you manage your work. You can manage tasks that are assigned to you and create new tasks as well as record times on your Timesheet.

You can also keep Health and Safety records up to date on the Mobile app by recording visitors, hazards and incidents.

If you cannot see a feature

You may not see all these features on your phone. The features you see will depend on the FarmIQ Pack that your farm has subscribed to and the permissions that you have been granted.

Using EID files with the Mobile app

The Mobile app links to some Tru-test and Gallagher indicators and wands. If you have a compatible device you can use the Mobile app to record stock events using EID files. You can also use it to upload EID files into the FarmIQ system for later use on your computer.

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