Notifications and alerts

This topic is about the different types of notifications and alerts used in FarmIQ, why they are important and how you can customise them.

Why pay attention to notifications and alerts

This table shows the types of notifications and alerts that are used in FarmIQ and why they are useful.

Type of notification or alert Purpose and notes Why you should pay attention to these notifications or alerts
The Notifications bell 

To show:

  • notifications that need to be reviewed or resolved. 
  • Unsuccessful transactions and Transactions in progress.

Find the Notifications bell on the Navigation bar.

The number in the red box on the Notifications bell alerts you when you need to review or resolve an event or a transaction has not been processed and tells you how many unresolved notifications there are. 

They need your action to complete the recording of an event.

  • Sales to SilverFern Farms
  • Killsheets from Silver Ferns Farms
  • NAIT
Incident, Hazard and Emergency plan notifications

To remind you to keep your health and safety plans and records up to date.

FarmIQ sends an alert when:

  • no incidents or hazards have been recorded,
  • the emergency plan has not been updated

 during the past 12 months.

They will help you to meet your compliance obligations.
Incident alerts

To immediately notify people about incidents recorded.

You can set up who receives these notifications.

Knowing about and managing incidents is important for the health and safety of people on your farm.
Task notifications


  • alert someone when a task is assigned to them
  • remind you that a Farm plan task due date is coming up
  • help manage upcoming and overdue tasks.

Task notifications are shown on the Task bar and on the right hand panel of the Dashboard or Noticeboard.

These help people on farm to keep up to date with their tasks.
Staff competency alerts

To ensure that you and your staff are made aware when their competencies will soon need to be updated.

The alert is sent to the selected staff member's email address as recorded in FarmIQ.

The alert gives you time to organise retraining.
Pop-up Notices and alerts

To alert you to occasional System or news notifications and user tips.

These pop-up on your screen from time to time. Close them by clicking the X in the top, right corner. They are stored on the Noticeboard.

They often contain important information about system outages or bugs and how to deal with them.
The Noticeboard To store notices and alerts about the System as well as news and tips.

A handy place to refer to:

- pop-up notices and alerts once you have closed them

- tips on using the System

- news items.


To alert you to visit and download requests.

So that you can review and approve or reject visit and download requests:

in the FarmIQ system or

on the mobile app.

To let you know that you have received a message from a visitor. These notifications appear in the Visits register.
So that you can promptly respond to messages from visitors.

Notifications on your phone

The FarmIQ mobile app Notifications bell:

  • In progress and unsuccessful recordings are shown on the Notifications bell on the mobile app.
    • Entries that need to be reviewed must be reviewed in the FarmIQ system.

      The version of FarmIQ that runs on a computer. 

  • Swipe left on the mobile app to see in progress and unsuccessful transactions.
You can keep up to date with notifications even if you are not in the office.

Push notifications

  • Push notifications appear on your phone even if you are not using the mobile app at the time.
You can keep up to date with notifications even if you are not in the app.

Customising notifications and alerts

For some notifications and alerts you can customise:

  • who they are sent to
  • whether you receive them
  • what date range is displayed.

To find out more about your options click the links below:

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