The Nutrient report shows a heat map of nutrients applied to the farm from fertiliser and effluent spreading, over a defined period. It displays only one nutrient at a time.

You can filter the report so that it includes the nutrient and date range you want. You can export the report to an Excel or a PDF file. 

View and print a heat map of nutrient applications

To view and print a heat map of nutrient applications:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Land.
  3. Find the Nutrients report and click View.
  4. In the Nutrient report criteria box:
  • Select the nutrient you want to see.
  • select the dates for the report or use Quick date select. 

  1. Click View.
  • Nutrient applications are shown on the map.
  • Adjust the colours on the Legend if required.
  • To see details by paddock, click the arrow in the box on the bottom, left of the map.

  1. To change the nutrient or dates, click Report criteria.

Export nutrient applications to your computer

To see a list of paddocks and the amount applied to each:

  1. View the nutrient applications heat map as described above.
  2. Click Export report.

  3. Click Excel or PDF.

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