Organisation level

All farms in FarmIQ have a management level, usually referred to as Organisation level, and an operations level, called Farm level. Even if your FarmIQ subscription has only one farm, it will still have a management or Organisation level.

The Organisation level allows you to set up features and standardise options and activities for all users on the farm or farms in the organisation.

You can also see consolidated performance reports for the whole Organisation.

At Organisation level:

you can... such as...
switch between farms and add farms. 

manage users and security roles

activating and deactivating staff accounts.
set up templates that can be used on all farms
Task templates and Farm plan templates.
standardise the options available across all the users and farms in the organisation
Task categories.
select the way activities are recorded by all the users and farms in the organisation

whether farms in the organisation can:

- create their own hazard types or

- record purchases between the farms in the organisation or

- create mixed stock classes.

manage your map settings how land areas are displayed and label size.
add feature groups hazard types.
set up event categories and weight targets for all farms event categories used in the Weight target report and Year on year liveweight report. 

add products for use across all farms

health treatments and feed types.
report on organisation performance
manage financial settings.

User access to Organisation level

The way you set users up in the System and the security role you give them allows you to control access to Organisation level on your farm.

You can set a FarmIQ user up so that they:

  • only have access to Organisation level
  • have access to Organisation level and the farm or farms in the organisation
  • go straight to Organisation level when they log in to the System
  • do not have access to Organisation level.

See Organisation level users or Staff and Farm level users and Security roles for more information.

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