Pasture production report

The pasture production report shows a heat map of the amount of pasture produced in each paddock in a given year.

For this report, pasture production for the year is calculated for each paddock that has had pasture recorded. The paddocks are then sorted in order of tonnes/ha production and evenly divided into 10 groups. The legend shows the range of pasture produced for each group next to the colour of the paddocks in that group on the heat map.

You can select which season you want to view.

View, print or download a Pasture production heat map

To view, print or download a Pasture production heat map:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Land.
  3. Find the Pasture production report and click View.
  4. In the Pasture production report criteria box:
  • Select By calendar year or By financial year.
  • Select the Season you want to show. 
  1. Click View.
  • Paddocks are colour coded according to the tonnes/ha of pasture produced during the selected season.
  • See the legend for the ranges of pasture produced and the colours that identify paddocks in each range.
  • To see total tonnage for each paddock, click the arrow in the Paddock summary box on the bottom left of the map.

    • Click the column headings to sort the table in ascending or descending order of that attribute.
  1. To change between calendar and financial year or to change the Season, click Report criteria
  2. To print or download the report, click Print

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