Pasture wedge report

This report shows a pasture wedge for selected paddocks or blocks for a specified date range. If you select more than one block, the paddocks in each block are shown in a different colour on the graph.

You can:

  • choose to display grazing targets and average cover lines in the report.
  • export the report as a PDF file.
  • set up the report for Livestock or Dairy.

Dairy pasture wedge report

The dairy option requires you to set up the report for selected farm walks.

If you enter pre- and post- grazing targets, the System calculates any surplus or deficit when you view the report.

You can use the report filter to calculate any one of: post-grazing targetpre-grazing target, available areanumber of cowspasture intake or round length, if the other five variables are known.

Below the graph there is a table showing detailed pasture cover information for each paddock in the report.

See and export the Pasture wedge report

To see and export the Pasture wedge report:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Land.
  3. Find Pasture wedge and click View.
  4. Select Livestock or Dairy.
  5. Select the date range for the report or use Quick date select.
  • If Dairy is selected, Select farm walk.
  1. Select Report by:
  • Farm
    • Select Paddock count. If you select 10, 20 or 50, the 10, 20 or 50 paddocks with the highest KgDM/ha will be displayed in the report.


  • Block
    • Select Block group and Block names.
  1. To Display average cover line select the checkbox.
  2. You can enter a Post-grazing target and Pre-grazing target.
  • If Dairy is selected, you can record Available area, No. of cows, Pasture intake and Round length.
    • The System can calculate any one of these variables if the other five are known. Enter the five known variables and click Calculate.
    • If all variables are entered, clicking Calculate will update the pre-grazing target if the amount entered is different to the calculated target.
  1. Click View.
  • To export the report as a PDF file, click the export icon. 
  • To change the report criteria, click the filter.

  • For Dairy, to see the pasture cover information by paddock in the table below the graph, click the expansion arrow.

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