Click People to manage staff, contractors and third parties as well as timesheets and rosters. 

Add people to FarmIQ so that you can:

Adding people

When you add people to FarmIQ you need to decide whether to:

  • add them at Farm level, Organisation level or both
  • set them up with a FarmIQ account and allow them access to the farm or organisation in FarmIQ.

How you add people to your farm or organisation determines whether they appear in task, timesheet and roster lists and whether they have access to FarmIQ.

You can add people as:

Decide how to add people

Consider these guidelines to help you decide how to add someone:

If a person... add them... as:
works on farm but doesn't need access to FarmIQ to the farm at Farm level Staff without access
works on farm and needs access to the farm in FarmIQ  to the farm at Farm level
Staff with Farm level access
works on more than one farm in your organisation to each of the farms that they work on, at Farm level
Staff, with or without Farm level access
doesn't do work on the farm but needs access to the organisation and/or farms in FarmIQ, for example, a Farm owner at Organisation level an Organisation level user 
works on one or more farms and needs access to Organisation level

at Organisation level 

on each farm that they work on 

an Organisation level user
Staff, with or without Farm access
is an external person who does work on farm and doesn't need access to FarmIQfor example, a Spray contractor to each of the farms that they work on, at Farm level 
is an external person who needs access to your farm in FarmIQ to analyse or record informationfor example, a Vet to each of the farms that they need access to, at Farm level 
Third party user

This table summarises where, in the System, people can be seen and what FarmIQ access they have:

They will appear on farm in...
and have access to... 
If you add someone as...



Health & Safety lists Task lists Farm
Mobile app
 without access
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
 Staff and
 Farm level user
Yes Yes
No* Yes
 level user
No No No No Yes
Yes  Yes
Yes Yes
No No No
 Third party user  No No No No Yes
No No

* Staff and farm level users can be given access to Organisation level. Set them up at Farm level first, then give them access to Organisation level.

Giving people access to your farm in FarmIQ

People who need to:

  • record stock, land or product events in FarmIQ
  • set up tasks
  • run reports
  • enter information for emergency procedures or other compliance tools
  • see the Farm map or other information in FarmIQ
  • get notifications of tasks

need to be given access to your farm in FarmIQ. In other words, they need a FarmIQ account.

It is good practice for each person who has access to the farm in FarmIQ to have their own account. This means that each user will have their own username and password and you will be able to keep track of who's doing what on the System.

Who can have access:

  • Everybody in the organisation who has a FarmIQ account, will appear on the User list at Organisation level.
  • A FarmIQ account is required to be able to use the mobile app.

Control what users can see or change

The Organisation role or Farm role you give a user determines which features they can see or change.
You can also give staff a Farm position. A Farm position is just a title and has no influence on their access to or role in FarmIQ.

  • Organisation and Farm roles are collectively referred to as Security roles.

Each role is a combination of permissions suitable for a particular role on the farm.

For example:

  • the Farm manager role has a very wide range of animal, land, people and reporting permissions for a farm
  • the Stock manager (PICA) role mainly includes permissions related animal features in FarmIQ
  • a person with a View security role can see information in FarmIQ but cannot add, edit or delete it.

See Security roles for further information on the FarmIQ default security roles and how to manage them.

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