Report Centre

Reports are an easy way to present and analyse the information that you have entered in FarmIQ.

In the Report Centre you can:

  • Click Animal, Land, Performance or Reproduction to display related reports.
  • Set up the reports that you run most often as Favourites.
    • Click  to add a report to Favourites OR to remove one from Favourites.
  • Click View to run a report.

As long as you have entered the appropriate data, you can generate reports for:

 Animal   Land  Performance 

Animal history

Year on year liveweight

Liveweight gain

Liveweight profile

Weight target

Health treatments

Farm overview of deaths & losses

Supplementary feed usage

Soil tests
Grazing days
Pasture cover
Crops and land treatments
Pasture wedge

Pasture growth

Pasture production

Carcass defects
Carcass performance
EID finishing
Weight target performance

 Reproduction  Other
Summary reproduction        
KPI weight targets
KPI weight target results


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