Updated on 10/8/2019
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Setting up the Farm map
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Setting up the Farm map

It is easy to set your Farm map up so that it displays the level of detail and features you want.

Watch this video for an overview of how to set up your farm map:

For map background, layers and labels skip to 0:43  

Download the PDF here

Map background

Click Maps to select between the Simple, Standard and Satellite views.

The Simple view is a plain white background. The Standard view is a topographical map with no contour lines.

Generally, the Simple and Standard views load faster so if you have a slow Internet connection you might prefer to use one of these. They can also be more efficient to print. You can always change back to the satellite view when you want the extra detail.

Layers and Labels

You can display paddock information and mob locations on the map. Once you have drawn them, you can also display many other farm features. 

To select:

Paddock details


Non-productive areas

Block groups 

Spreading maps



Emergency locations

Emergency equipment

Transect lines

Effluent runs


Weather stations

Custom farm walks

SafeVisit visitors

Paddock name

Total area

Effective area

Cultivatable area

Feature names

Hazard names

Effluent run names

Irrigator names

Weather station names

When you select a layer, a legend is displayed on the map, as in this example:

  • You can select as many layers and labels as you like but if you select a large number the map will get very cluttered, especially when it is zoomed out. To manage some of this clutter you can set your map preferences including how many decimal places to display and whether to display labels for the smallest paddocks. See Set map preferences below.

    Save your favourite map view

    You can save and display multiple views of your Map.

    See Map views for more information.

     Set map preferences

    You can decide how the labels on your map are displayed. You can:

    • select the paddock area format
    • enter how many decimal places are shown
    • choose not to display labels for the smallest paddocks
    • change the size of the label font.

    To set map preferences:

    1. Click Office > Admin > Settings and select the Manage map tab.
    2. Click Edit.

    Fence lines, Blocks and Features

    Keep the fence lines, blocks and features on your farm map up to date.

    See Drawing on and editing the map and other topics listed in Find out more.

    Find out more  

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