Stock reconciliation report

The Stock reconciliation report shows numbers of animals at the beginning and end of a specified date period and the changes that have been recorded between these dates.

Watch this video for an overview of the Stock reconciliation report:

For the PDF transcript click here

  • If you are entering stock information by describing stock, you will not have a stock reconciliation report.

View and export the Stock reconciliation

When you first see the report, it is showing you information for the current month. 

You can...
 change the start and end dates for the reconciliation.

view stock numbers by:

  • Animal type
  • Stock class
  • Ownership - including grazing off animals, or Farm - including grazing on animals.

split the report by:

  • Breed
  • Revenue group.

export the report to:

  • Excel
  • PDF.

To view and export a Stock reconciliation report:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report Centre , then click Animal.
  2. Find the  Stock reconciliation report and click  View.
  3. Click the filter beside Stock reconciliation report.
  4. Select the Start date and End date for the report or use Quick date select.
  • To hide columns where there has been no change, clear the  Show empty columns checkbox.
  1. Use the drop down menus to select Animal types, Stock class and Ownership View  or Farm View.
  2. If you wish to see more detail select:
  • Breed
  • Revenue group.
  1. To view the report, click View.
  • If you have split by breed or revenue group, click the expansion arrow beside each stock class to see details.
  • To see the calendar events for stock adjustments during the reporting period, click the adjustment.
  • Each animal type is shown on a separate tab.
  1. To export the report, click Export and select Excel document or PDF file.

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