The SafeVisit app

Visitors can use the SafeVisit app to schedule visits with your farm, receive health and safety information, answer questions and sign in and out so that their visit is recorded in FarmIQ and everyone on farm is notified of their visit.


For how to manage SafeVisit in FarmIQ see SafeVisit.

Watch this video to see where visitors can get the SafeVisit app, what it does and how to use it.

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More information

To use the SafeVisit app a visitor must install it on their phone.

They can find the app by searching the Google Play store or iPhone App store for SafeVisit.

When the app has installed, they need to tap Sign up here and follow the sign up process.

They will be asked to verify their email address and will not be able to use the app untill they do so.

Once they are signed up and have verified their email address:

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