Weight predictor report

The Weight predictor report is useful for identifying animals that are ready to go to the processor or predicting when they are likely to reach target weight.

The Weight predictor report can be used to produce a list showing the:

  • animals that will meet a weight target by a specified date
  • date on which each animal is predicted to reach a target weight
  • predicted weight that each animal will be on a specified finishing date.
You can select animals from this list and export them to a draft list in the correct format for your Gallagher or Tru-test drafting equipment.
Information The weight predictor report will only identify animals that:
  • have EID tags that are registered in FarmIQ and are linked to a mob in the System. Check the Stock list before you start and see Link EIDs to mobs if there are tags missing
  • have at least two weighings recorded against their EID
  • meet the selected animal, weight and date criteria.

To find the Weight predictor report:

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Performance.
  3. Find Weight predictor and click View.

To set up and view the Weight predictor report:

  1. Find the Weight predictor report.
  2. If you are using contracts, select whether to run the report by Contract or Mob.
  • If you do not use contracts on your farm, the report will run by mob.
  1. Select the Animal type.
  2. If you want to predict weights for specific Breeds, Stock classes or Mobs, select them from the dropdown boxes. This will also reduce the time to run the report.
  3. Then
    to predict.. enter the...
    which animals will meet a weight target by a specified date
    target weight and finishing date.
    the date on which selected animals will reach a target weight
    target weight only.
    the weight selected animals will be on a specified finishing date
    finishing date only.
  4. Click View.
  5. Click the expansion arrow next to the mob name to see the list of animals with EID, weight and date details for each animal.

To create and export a draft list using the Weight predictor report:

  1. Set up the Weight predictor report.
  2. Select the animals you want to include in the draft list.
  • Click the Select box next to the mob name to select all the animals in the mob or
  • click the box in the Selected column to select the animals individually.
  1. Select the Device. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the screen to see this.
  • Only Gallagher and Tru-test devices are supported.
  1. Click Export selected.
  • A file, in the required format for your device, will be downloaded to your computer. 
  1. Note the name of the file so that you can find it easily and transfer it to your device.

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