Weight target report

This report allows you to compare animals born in a selected financial year against:

  • the weight targets you have set for them
  • animals born in different financial years, at the same age.

The report can be set up to use all recorded weights or only weights recorded with an event category. You can include grazing off stock if you want to. 


The report has a graph and a table.

Weight target report graph

You can set up the weight target report graph to show the weight target and average weights for animals born in selected financial years. You can then use the lines to compare animal performance against your target and against animals born in different financial years, at the same age, as shown in this example:


Age months

The graph shows how many months old the animals are, based on their birth date, not on calendar months. We will refer to the months in the graph as 'age months'.

Weight targets are set up for animals using their age in months. These are shown as a grey line on the Weight target report graph if selected.

Recorded weights shown on the Weight target report graph are the average weights for all the animals in the target group that were weighed in the age month. The average weights are shown on the weighted average date of the weighings for each age month. A dot is only shown on the graph if weights were recorded in the age month. 

Further explanation

If any weighings have been recorded in an age month, there is only one data point on the graph for that age month, no matter how many weighings have been recorded. The data point shows the average weight for the age month for all the animals in the target group that have been weighed and is on the weighted average date for weighings in that age month. 

This image shows an example:

Weight target report table

The weight target report table contains detailed information for each weighing event recorded including a comparison with the target set for that age. Each year selected is shown on a different tab.

The Weight target report table shows the following information for each weighing event:

Column Information
Date Date of the weighing event. 
Count Count of animals in the weighing event. 
Age Average age of the animals at the time of the weighing. 
Weight Average weight. 
Target Target weight for that age. 
Compared target Difference between the target weight and the average recorded weight. Weight differences that are on or over target are green and weight differences that are below target are red. 
Gain from birth Weight gain per day from birth up until that weighing event. 

Set up and view the weight target report

To set up and view the weight target report click here
To set up and view the weight target report:     
  1. On the Navigation bar, click Report centre.
  2. Click Animal.
  3. Find Weight target report and click View.
  4. Choose the Weight Target against which you want to compare performance.
  5. Select the years you want to compare under Year born.
  6. Choose whether to use All weights or only those recorded with event Categories under Weights to use
  • You can only report by event category if you have selected an event category when you recorded the weights.
  1. Select Yes to Include grazing off stock.
  2. Click View.
  • The weight target graph and table appear.
    • You can show or hide lines on the graph.
    • To view a different birth year in the table, click the tab for that year.
To show or hide lines on the graph click here
To show or hide lines on the graph:

To show or hide a line use the checkboxes under the graph:

To... Then...
Show a line on the graph.
Select the checkbox. 
Hide a line on the graph.
Clear the checkbox. 

To change the report criteria click here
To change the report criteria:     
  1. View the Weight target report as described above.
  2. Click the filter
  3. Change the selected Target, Year born, Weights to use or whether to Include grazing off stock as needed.
  4. Click View

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